Las Vegas Senior Tripsters

Membership Frequently Asked Questions:

I am not a Las Vegas resident - Can I still join?

YES! You just need to be 50 or older. All our BUS trips leave from Las Vegas so you need to be here to TAKE a bus trip. We have people from nearby areas like Southern Nevada, Utah, and Arizona who come into town for a trip. Since most NEWLY ANNOUNCED bus trips leave from PALACE Station parking lot, some out of towners will stay there the night before a trip.

In addition, we have members throughout the USA who have relatives in the valley. It is not unusual for those folks to come in to visit their relatives for a few days and then they ALL go on one of our trips.

If you are not a Las Vegas native and want to take a cruise or airline trip, you can make your own arrangements to get to the cruise departure point or airline destination city.

How do I join?

Click HERE to print out a membership form (needs adobe acrobat to view/print). When done, mail it in OR bring it to the office. See the bottom of the page for more information.

Don't Have Adobe Acrobat? Press the button below to download it directly from Adobe.

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Do you accept both couples and singles as members?

YES! We have both husband/wife and single memberships. In addition, a single membership does NOT mean you need to pay the singles price for a trip. Some of our single members "double up" with friends and share a room to save money.

Will I be able to sign up for a trip if I cannot attend the meetings? If I can't get to the office?

YES! You will get a FULL Monthly Newsletter containing the details of ALL of our upcoming trips. If you see a trip you like, you can sign up in person at our office which is usually open Monday - Thursday from 9:00AM to 1:00 PM.

If you cannot make it to the office, you can still do everything by U.S. Mail. Give us a call during office hours to see if there's room on the trip. If there is, just send us a letter with your deposit and a note telling us what trip you want to take. You'll get a receipt in the return mail. Of course, you will send us your deposit as a CHECK made out to "Senior Tripsters, Inc."

If there is NO room on the trip, tell the office to put you on the "Interest" list for the trip. That way, if space does become available, you'll get a call from the office letting you know.

After you fill in the form, bring it into the office with your payment (Cash or Check) OR mail in the form with a CHECK made out to "Senior Tripsters, Inc." .

Press the "Contact Us" link on the menu above to be taken to a page with our address.

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